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Quality vs. Cheap

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Pool tables should last a lifetime and therefore it is vitally important you do your research when selecting a table.  Here are 8 reasons why you should choose a pool table that is manufactured (and not just assembled) in Australia:

Australian made for the Australian game

Fusion City BeachAustralian pool tables are made specifically for the game most Australians play and are made to World and Australian Eight Ball specifications. It won’t impress your friends if the pockets and balls are much larger than what they have played on all their life.  For a game of pool to be enjoyable, the table you play on must be up to standard.

Strength and Beauty

Australian hardwoods (such as Jarrah, Marri, and Blackbutt) used in pool tables are renowned for their strength and beauty. The timber generally comes from native forests (in states like Western Australia) that are sustainably managed for future generations to enjoy. The timber in imported tables may come from unprotected areas and may not be properly dried for the Australian climate and therefore may crack over time. A quality manufacturer will provide a lifetime warranty on the timber components of the table.

Quality Slate Base

Australian made tables will have a quality slate base. Beware of pool tables that come with chipboard or MDF bases because they will certainly warp over time. Most Australian manufacturers import their slate from reputable, reliable and proven sources in Brazil or Italy. Slate from other countries such as China and Turkey, may not be perfectly level or be “wavy” across the surface and thus clearly inferior. Some Australian manufacturers are so confident of the quality of their slate they will provide a lifetime warranty on their product.

The Cloth

The cloth is one of the most important components of a pool table. Quality Australian tables will have 100% wool English cloth – the very best in the world. Imported tables may have Chinese cloth that is inferior. Australians are used to playing pool on a “nap” surface whereas imported tables may use a smooth worsted cloth, which will result in a totally different ball game.

Avoid an Assembling Nightmare

When you purchase a cheap, imported table online it may arrive in a flat pack. If so, be prepared for plenty of headaches when assembling it – particularly if the slate comes in a number of pieces. Australian manufacturers will generally install the table in your home and level it, ready for play.

Help the Australian Economy

Precision American OakBuying Australian made pool tables not only helps local communities but the entire economy by keeping Australians employed. Not only are the craftsmen who make the tables kept employed the economic benefits flow through to those involved in associated industries.  To be sure you have made the right decision simply look for the Australian Made logo shown somewhere on the product you have purchased.

Protect the Environment

Help protect the environment. Pool tables made overseas have a higher carbon footprint than tables made in Australia. For instance, tables made in China have to be shipped all the way across the ocean to reach Australia – burning fossil fuel and spewing out greenhouse gases along the way. And one reason it’s cheaper to make goods in developing countries is that many of them have few or no regulations to protect the health of the air and water. Many factories overseas that produce pool tables for export to Australia also produce large amounts of hazardous chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. In addition to having weaker environmental regulations, the countries that produce the tables Australians buy often have no laws to protect the rights of workers.

Buy Local – Receive Local Support

AND most importantly, you know where to go when you have a problem with your table.  If you purchase your product from a local Australian Manufacturer it is much easier to get in contact and resolve a problem that may have arisen from the product.  Not only that but if you purchase a table from Quedos we back you with our Life Time Warranty because after 40 years of success in the industry we know how incredible our tables are.   Call Quedos today and discover more about how we can produce your dream pool or billiards table today!


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