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Quedos Pool Tables: Recognising Australian Quality When You See It

Updated 15/09/2022

You could buy any pool table to play pool, but why would you? Living in Australia, you have access to some of the highest quality pool tables anywhere made with real, authentic Australian-grown, harvested, and manufactured materials. The tables by Quedos are of the highest quality and calibre and are designed specifically for the way Australians play pool.

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All the Nicest Stuff

Modern pool tables are incredibly elegant, refined, and artistic pieces in their own right. That is certainly true of the tables Quedos produces. These tables are made from real Australian-grown woods such as:

  • Blackbutt, a soft-colored but strong eucalyptus wood
  • Jarrah, another eucalyptus wood that is very rich and warm in colour, ranging from medium red to brick red
  • Marri, a type of “bloodwood” most easily recognized for its deep red streaks in a pale cream-coloured wood

When combined with different types of tabletop features and coloured English wool fabric, you get a striking centerpiece of a table around which guests can gather and play a game.


The Base of the Tabletop

Slate is the material of choice for the base of the table. It is hard, durable, and smooth, and should never crack or fracture. Quedos is very careful to make every table base perfectly flat and perfectly level. Balls will not roll downhill or “hop” over bumps in the slate base. Their rolling on these tables is absolutely fluid.


The Fabric Used on the Table

The previously mentioned English wool is the only fabric allowed on a Quedos pool table. The wool is harvested from English sheep, washed, combed repeatedly, and then woven in the slightly tufted cloth that stretches over the slate base of a Quedos pool table. The “nap”, or slightly tufted surface of the English wool, is superior to the worsted surface of other pool tables because it won’t wear down or pill like other pool table fabrics.

Perhaps the most extraordinary feature of English wool is the colour of wool you want. Some tables feature over two dozen colour options, providing you with some aesthetic design control over the appearance of your pool table. That beats “banker’s green” any day.

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The Engineering of the Legs

Legs on a pool table are frequently positioned under the four corner pockets. Quedos does things a little differently by putting the “legs” directly under the centre of some of the tables. This design creates a delicate balancing act where you need less floor space to keep the table level while the tabletop itself balances gracefully in the air.

If you still want pool table legs under the corner and/or side pockets of the table, some elegant styles provide these features. There’s even a pool table with avant-garde metal legs that makes a flashy statement. Regardless of the style of table, you can expect the premium quality of Quedos’s pool tables with every table you buy.


Avoiding an Assembling Nightmare

When you purchase a cheap, imported table online it may arrive in a flat pack. If so, be prepared for plenty of headaches when assembling it – particularly if the slate comes in several pieces. Australian manufacturers will generally install the table in your home and level it, ready for play.


Help the Australian Economy

Buying Australian-made pool tables not only helps local communities but the entire economy by keeping Australians employed. Not only are the craftsmen who make the tables kept employed the economic benefits flow through to those involved in associated industries. To be sure you have made the right decision simply look for the Australian Made logo shown somewhere on the product you have purchased.


Protect the Environment

Help protect the environment. Pool tables made overseas have a higher carbon footprint than tables made in Australia. For instance, tables made in China have to be shipped across the ocean to reach Australia – burning fossil fuel and spewing out greenhouse gases along the way. And one reason it’s cheaper to make goods in developing countries is that many of them have few or no regulations to protect the health of the air and water.

Many factories overseas that produce pool tables for export to Australia also produce large amounts of hazardous chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. In addition to having weaker environmental regulations, the countries that produce the tables Australians buy often have no laws to protect the rights of workers.

A pool table with brown felt delivered in a river side home in Eastern Australia


Buying a Used Pool Table Versus Buying Brand-New

When you invest in quality, you expect a premium price tag to follow. That is true of many things, including pool tables. However, there is a way you can afford a quality Australian pool table for less. It requires that you buy a used table instead of a brand-new one.

Does Quedos sell gently used tables? No, typically they do not. You may however purchase a used Quedo pool table from a private seller or at an auction. The reason Quedos does not take back and resell gently used pool tables is that they want you to experience the excitement and beauty of a new table, fresh from the factory and fresh from your design choices.

Quedos has a lifetime warranty on all of its tables, which is another reason for not reselling used tables. The warranty may be voided by doing so. The warranty is only good on new tables, not on tables that are resold as-is.

Affordability may come with buying a used table, and certainly, the original quality of the pool table made by Quedos is still there, but the wear and tear isn’t always worth it. A badly damaged pool table for an affordable price isn’t always the deal it’s cracked up to be, especially after you find someone to repair and/or restore it.


Buy Local – Receive Local Support

When you want a table to last a very long time, buy a new pool table. It leaves out the guesswork regarding the need for repairs and restoration work. It’s a beautiful pool table right out of the shipping crate on which everyone can instantly play their favourite Australian pool game. Customer service delivers and sets up the pool table in your home so that you don’t have to worry about setting it up yourself.  Contact Quedos today and discover more about how we can produce your dream pool or billiards table today!