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Quedos Billiard Tables is Australia’s leading name in custom built billiard and pool tables. Quedos is a well respected name synonymous with quality, service and style. Our craftsmen are devoted to achieving perfection with original pool table designs in Australian and exotic timbers; handcrafted with the highest attention to every detail.

Built by the Industry's Best

Quedos pool tables are crafted expertly for Australian pool players and enthusiasts. We build award-winning pool tables that are designed according to your needs and preferences. Whether you want a casual table or something more elegant, we have an experienced team that will design the pool table of your dreams.

As the top company in the country, we stand behind the quality of the materials we use. We will work with you so you can have unique features for the final product. This way, it truly becomes your own, giving you the chance to showcase your personal statement.

With our commitment to building superior quality pool tables, you can have a lifetime of playability and unmatched beauty that will never go out of style.

The End Product

The quality craftsmanship of Quedos’ tables is rare. It is common to find billiards tables made of veneer however Quedos tables contain solid hardwood timber.
Our table craftsmen are willing to tackle timbers that are nearly four meters long and often hard to deal with, to bring their customers a product that will last. In addition to going to the extra mile to provide quality craftsmanship, Quedos stands by their quality by providing a lifetime structural warranty for their billiards tables.

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The Quedos Warranty

Quedos lifetime warrantyYour Quedos billiard, pool or snooker table comes standard with an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the slate and timber components of the table.

We will repair or replace any defects in material or craftsmanship of the slate and timber components of your Quedos table (excluding normal wear and tear), as long as you are the original purchaser and the installation and service are performed by an authorised representative or factory approved agent.

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