Pool and Billiards Table Materials Used

Once you’ve decided to buy a pool table, you’ll want the best materials used in the construction.

Sub-par materials will never last as long as your love for the sport. A sturdy table made in Australia by Quedos from eco-sustainable Australian wood, hand measured and placed slate, covered with the most durable and shrink resistant felt, meticulously measured rails and pockets, and professionally installed will result in a valuable of furniture that will last a lifetime and quickly become a family treasure.

Anything less than the best will end with numerous repairs to surface materials, cracked slates, chipped or scratched woodwork, and an uneven playing surface.

All of these potential problem areas can result in expensive repairs that can be avoided with the initial purchase of a top grade, handmade pool table. To understand the value of high-quality materials, read this post.

WA is Home to some of the Worlds Finest Hardwoods The natural forests of Western Australia are endowed with some of the world’s finest hardwoods. Our Jarrah and Marri trees are very popular and highly desired for their decorative colour markings and lush finishes that make

You get what you pay for! Pool tables should last a lifetime and therefore it is vitally important you do your research when selecting a table.  Here are 8 reasons why you should choose a pool table that is manufactured (and not just assembled) in Australia: Australian made

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