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Everything You Need for Your Pool Table

Our complete range of accessories ensures your entire billiard package shares the same enviable and amazing quality as your Quedos table.

Pool tables are a necessity for pool players. However, pool accessories are just as important. You cannot play pool without cues and balls. At Quedos, we want you to match your quality pool table with superior accessories.

We also offer other products and services. On this page, we give you an overview of the accessories you can buy from us, along with sports tables and dining tops. You can also find a list of our services that will help you have an enjoyable game of pool with your family or friends.

Our Pool & Billiards Accessories Range
As a discerning pool player, you know that attention to attention is a must to win the game.
Complete your collection with the best of the best when it comes to pool accessories. We have:

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Our Pool and Billiards Accessories Range

Quedos Billiard Tables

Pool & Snooker Balls

You do not want just any balls for your game of pool. With a first-rate pool table from Quedos, you know the balls should match in quality. We offer one of the most premier selections of pool balls in Australia. We carry both standard and Aramith balls. Whichever you pick, we ensure that they match our very high standards so you can enjoy every game.

Whether you are a homeowner or you require pool balls for your commercial establishment, we can supply you with the pool balls that meet your standard and budget.

Just like with pool balls, you demand quality snooker balls to give you stress-free gameplay. Our snooker balls can be used at professional or casual events. You can choose the size of snooker ball set you want based on your table. For instance, if you have a smaller table you can use a two-inch ball set. On the other hand, you can go for a 2 1/16 inch snooker balls, which are considered to be “full size.”

Dining Tops

We customise dining tops to match your new or existing pool table. Our dining tops are the best ways to convert your pool table into a dining table the smart way. Our dining tops have durable rubber padding underneath to protect the surface of your pool table.

Combination Cue Racks

If you want to have a combination cue rack and scorer to hold all your accessories, you have come to the right place. With our team of talented craftsmen, we aim to surpass your expectations by giving you beautiful cue racks and scoreboards with the best quality materials.

Most of our clients want to match the look of their pool table with their cue rack and scorer. Your search for the rack and scoreboard that match your pool table is over. Give us a ring, and we will offer you a design that complements your style.

Table Tennis Top

Sports Tables

Every sports enthusiast will want to own our sports tables. We have a complete line-up of sports tables, including soccer, air hockey, and table tennis. If your games room still feels like something is missing, we have the answer.

Our sports tables are perfect for indoor use. Invite your friends over for a table game you will all enjoy. Now you can build the ultimate retreat for gamers, right in your own home. Quedos has the game room furniture that will make any gathering more fun and lively.

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Services at Quedos

Other Services
Quedos provides a complete table reclothing, repair and restoration service to customers in Western Australia

Our highly adept team has years of experience in anything related to maintaining and repairing your pool table. You can count on us to treat your investment as if it were our own.

After our visit, we can assure you that you will have a pool table that looks brand new.

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