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As pool enthusiasts, we know that you do not just play, but you are also eager to learn more about the sport. There is always something exciting about pool, and we cover them in great detail in the Quedos blog. For instance, The History of the Pool Cue gives you a comprehensive overview of how pool cue sticks evolved from maces to what they look like today. We have also written about The History of Billiard and Pool Balls from pool being a favourite sport of noblemen to how the balls changed over time.

Perhaps you are looking to purchase not just any pool table, but THE best one out there. This guide is the only guide you will ever need. It tackles your options based on size, price, material, and other considerations. This post discusses the differences between American, British, and Australian pool tables. Knowing how they are dissimilar and what makes them unique is key to purchasing the right table for you.

Now that you have a pool table, the next step is to improve your skills. This whole page gives you the finest tips and strategies to work your way to the top.

On the surface, snooker is a simple table game where you strike the white cue ball using a cue stick to hit the object ball, causing it to fall into the pocket. In reality, though, it is tough to master. Snooker is similar to billiards or pool but has its own rules. The first-ever snooker players were British Army officers back in the 19th century. While stationed in India, they played on a snooker table with a total of 22 balls; one served as the cue ball, 15 were red, and the remaining six were of different colours.

Many people enjoy playing pool. If you are among them, you probably go to pool halls for an hour or so to play with your friends. But isn’t it better when you have your pool table in your own home? You can play whenever you want for hours. You can use that time to improve your skill or entertain your guests during special gatherings.

Are you an experienced pool player or a total novice? Whichever you are, you surely want to win the game, whether it is an eight- or nine-ball. The feeling of getting the billiard balls into the pockets is incomparable. But to play billiards like a pro, you need a few things first.

If you decide to stop by your local bar or pool hall to play an hour of pool/billiards/snooker, you would most likely settle for using whatever equipment the facility is making available. That’s fine if you fancy yourself as being a recreational player. If by chance you wish to up your pool/billiards/snooker game, you might want to consider buying your cue.

Practice makes perfect, they say. When it comes to pool and snooker, this old-age saying is certainly true. Granted, you won’t be a perfect player (who is, anyway?), but you will surely improve. The more you practice, the better you become at pocketing those balls, even when they are awkwardly placed on the table.

Pool has been a favourite game for ages. It’s fun, calming, yet challenging all at the same time. Above all, though, it is a social activity that’s best played while enjoying a drink in a bar or café with your pals. For years, the pool table has been a part of many game rooms and man caves. However, not everyone has the luxury of space for a huge table. If it’s the reason why you’ve been holding back on purchasing a pool table, here is the solution you have been waiting for: a dining pool table.

Making pool tables is not for the faint of heart. Sure, you can find tips and guides on building a pool table with a quick Google search. But be forewarned: it’s not a do-it-yourself project to embark on if you don’t have the skill, know-how, and passion.

Your pool or snooker table is a hefty investment; it makes sense that you take good care of it. And like your other serious investments, such as your house, your gaming table comes with some responsibilities. To keep it around for the years to come, you should clean and maintain your pool and snooker table properly. The good news is that it’s not that complicated. However, there are specific tasks that you need to do regularly to ensure it stays in top condition.

We’ve already talked about how you can buy the best pool table on this blog. But this time, we’re going to focus more on quality. Some people are okay with cheap pool tables and accessories – that is, until they finally get the chance to play on a superior quality pool table with good value accessories.

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