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Precision 8ft.

How We Make Our Pool Tables at Quedos

Making pool tables is not for the faint of heart. Sure, you can find tips and guides on building a pool table with a quick Google search. But be forewarned: it’s not a do-it-yourself project to embark on if you don’t have the skill, know-how, and passion.

In this article you will learn how we make our quality pool tables at Quedos and what materials are used to make them.

We know that pool is not only a beloved game but also requires quite a bit of investment. That’s why at Quedos, we take the job of building high-quality pool tables very seriously. Whether you want a pool table that’s within your budget or you plan to splurge, you can count on us to give you a finished product that’s well worth your money.

Quedos has a team of professionals, including woodworking experts and technicians with years of experience creating various pool tables. You can tell from our products that we plan carefully and take the time to build each special table, whether it’s for beginner players or semi-pros.

Precision 8ft.


The Best Materials for the Best Playing Experience

Since we have been creating pool tables for several years now, we have tried and tested many materials. This gives us the confidence to narrow down and select the best of the best materials for pool and snooker tables. If you have a Quedos table, you can rest assured that it’s made of carefully chosen Australian exotic timbers treated to guarantee longevity in performance and appearance.

Here is a rundown of the woods we love and use:

  • Marri Timber: Marri is a special type of wood native to Western Australia and is also known as Red Gum. It’s mainly used in furniture crafting, as well as a flooring material. This hardwood is robust, which is why it is one of our favourites to use pool table timber. Marri is so distinct, thanks to its gummy red protrusions that are easily noticeable on the trunk. The timber has high gum content, which is why it’s difficult to recover first-grade Marri timber. However, Marri has become so popular due to its feature grain, and that’s why it is the premier choice for handcrafted furniture pieces, including pool tables. Marri offers a beautiful contrast of yellow to pale brown hue with some paler white colour. The finished honey-coloured Marri timber has a gorgeous vein structure that lends a unique look to pool tables.
  • Jarrah Timber: Our highly acclaimed table, The Standard, uses Jarrah timber. This Australian hardwood is praised for its durability, robustness, and versatility. The timber perfectly illustrates the WA landscape with its rich reds and browns. Jarrah’s sapwood is usually pale yellow but can also be orangey. Texture-wise, Jarrah is moderately coarse with some grain features. Wavy grains are valued mainly because of the interesting patterns, although they are not required. But the advantages of using Jarrah do not stop here. The timber has natural properties that allow it to combat termites, rot, and extreme temperatures. It’s also known to be fire-resistant. Jarrah’s versatility and aesthetics make the timber one of the most sought after wood materials for Quedos tables.
  • Blackbutt Timber: Blackbutt is found in the coastal forests of southern Queensland and New South Wales. There’s even a town called Blackbutt in Queensland. Here’s another fun fact: The Parliament House in Canberra uses Blackbutt floors. You can say that Blackbutt is one of the most common hardwood species in the country, thanks to its rapid growth and quick regeneration. Blackbutts that we use are either Plantation or Wild Blackbutt. The difference is in colour, where the former has a more even tone, grain, and texture whilst the latter has more variation. Blackbutt is known to be very dense, which is why it is a great choice for pool tables. When cared for properly, Blackbutt pool tables can resist termite attacks, accepting polishing and staining so easily. That’s why the furniture pieces are so beautifully designed. Additionally, Blackbutt timber is extremely fire-resistant, strong, and durable, which means that pool tables will stand the test of time.
  • Blackwood Timber: This Australian hardwood is medium in size and offers many attractive features, which is one reason why we use Blackwood for Quedos tables. This wood is one of the most striking choices out there. It has a rich golden brown heartwood with reddish streaks and paler sapwood. The texture is even and not overwhelming. Grains can be straight or wavy, a valued trait for furniture like pool tables. We love using Blackwood because it’s easy to work with, especially when using nails and glues. The timber is a bit more sensitive than the other material options we have, so be sure to take care of your Blackwood pool table for the best value for money. Nevertheless, it’s naturally thick, which allows it to withstand long hours of gameplay every day.
  • Tasmanian Oak Timber: Strong, dense, and resilient – these are just a few benefits of the Tasmanian Oak. You may know this hardwood as Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash, or Australian Oak. Others call it Blue Leak, Woollybutt, White-Top, and Mountain White Gum. Regardless of the name, the timber is known for its hardness, which gives it shock-resistant capabilities, so it is the ideal material for constructing pool and snooker tables. It is heavy, dense, and durable with a good colour that accepts stain quite well, so you can have a piece of furniture that matches your game room.

We use a clear lacquer to highlight the beauty of natural timber. We may opt to use a 2PAC finish, which offers a more in-depth and durable hardened surface with varying degrees of shine. Quedos makes sure that the timber we use comes from sustainable sources, such as renewable plantation forests. Our products are stained with finishes that match your preferences or your existing décor.

Australian Light Marri


The Finest Slate

If you have ever tried playing on other tables made from another material, you will agree that nothing beats slate. Quedos slate meets the industry standard with a minimum of 3/4 -inch thickness. Any avid pool player recognises the importance of slate when it comes to gameplay– and that’s why we want you to have the best possible choice out there. A high-quality slate bed means you get an unparalleled surface for clean, smooth, and unhindered shots.

Other manufacturers settle for MDF, cardboard, and wood. You will even find some with fancy names, such as Trucore or Slateron. But don’t be fooled. These products are merely imitations. Slate is a critical aspect of a pool table because it has the right weight and qualities to achieve a proficient game of pool.

And whilst on the topic of slate, we’d like to debunk a popular myth. It’s not true that one-piece slate beds are better. People seem to think that one-piece slate tables are the superior choice because there is no separation, whereas three-piece tables have visible divisions below the railings. But three-piece slate tables offer an excellent playing surface and easily fit homes. Plus, they are so much easier to move.

With Quedos, you don’t ever have to worry about warping or cracking, and that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on our slate.


Premium Cloth

As for the cloth, we only use pure wool cloth. That’s 100% wool English cloth, which helps bring unmatched playing experience – ideal for beginners and pros! If you have been playing pool for a while, you understand the significance of cloth in the appearance of the table and the gameplay. Our table cloths are hardwearing and perfectly fitted to the pool table, giving you satisfying speeds of play every time. Fabrics are available in 20 shades with exceptional colour longevity.

Standard Jarrah


Sturdy and Reliable Cushion Rubber

We use moulded cushion rubber, which is best for full-size pool and snooker tables. When it comes to smaller tables, we use a high-impact adhesive, not superglue or other types of glue, for the rubber to remain intact for the years to come.


What You Need to Know About Our Warranty

Quedos always strives to exceed the most discerning of all expectations. We’re proud of all the products we offer, which is why we have the best warranty in the industry. Buying a Quedos pool table gives you the peace of mind you need for your investment. That’s because we provide a lifetime warranty on our pool tables. We also have the same offer for our snooker tables. This warranty comes with certain conditions where it only applies to:

  • New products only
  • Slate
  • Timber
  • Workmanship defects
  • Material issues

It’s our goal to make sure all purchases result in satisfied customers. We will be more than happy to provide repair services for specific flaws or a complete replacement if necessary. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding our warranties.

Quedos has perfected the meticulous process of building pool tables with the finest quality possible. We take pride in producing top-notch pool tables, as well as snooker tables and tabletops.

Are you ready to elevate your game room with a Quedos pool table? Call us, and our dedicated team will be happy to serve you. But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to schedule a visit to our showroom, so you can further inspect our pool table making process. Contact us today!

Nova Tasmanian Blackwood with Beefwood.