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Table Tennis Tops

Convert Your Pool Table Into a Table Tennis Table in Seconds

  • When you purchase a fit to size Table Tennis Top form Quedos you instantly double the functionally of the pool table allowing it to become a competition ready Table Tennis Table. The competition never ends when you convert your 7ft. or 8ft. Quedos pool table into a regulation size table tennis table.
  • Whether your a seasoned player or in it for pure recreation, our beautiful, perfectly flat and functional table tops allow you to play the game as if it were a normal table.

How Easy Does it Set Up?

The table tennis top is easy to install and put away. It comes in two pieces (18mm thick MDF) for easy storage and has a stylish black playing surface and painted white boundary lines. Each half weighs 30 kgs.  It can be set up or stored away in seconds.

How Will My Pool Table be Protected?

Substantial rubber padding underneath the top provides complete protection to the surface of your pool table.

Another Benefit of the Table Tennis Top

And when you require a large table for parties and other activities – simply throw a table cloth over the table tennis top. Talk about multi-function!
For more information on our Table Tennis Tops or our Award Winning Billiards Table selection please inquire with us today.

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Table Tennis Top


2-piece, 9′ x 5′ table top board ready to use on top of an existing 7′ or 8′ table. Each half of the 18mm thick MDF board weighs 30kgs. Substantial rubber padding lines the underside for protection and support.

The playing surface is sealed by a special painting method (repeat roller coating machine) designed to add almost 1mm of paint and improve bounce and product quality.