Robert Vudrag

Robert Vudrag

Rob has been involved in the pool and snooker industry for over 30 years.

These days, it seems as if the quality is now in the backseat behind price when it comes to goods and services. Price is indeed important, but as the founder of Quedos Billiard Tables, Rob knows first hand that relying on price alone is not usually the best way to weigh purchases.

Before he was busy making the most awarded billiard tables in Australia, Rob operated Pool and Snooker Centres. After taking delivery of many poor-quality tables that came with premium price tags, he believed there should be a business dedicated to producing the best billiard tables, crafted from top of the line materials by artisans committed to creating a fantastic table. From these high standards came Quedos Billiard Tables.

Robs Work History Includes: 

  • Initially as the owner of an upmarket family pool and snooker centre and later as Group Manager of the Pot Black Family Pool & Snooker Centres - a successful operation that grew into as many as nine “upmarket” family pool and snooker centres in Western Australia.
  • In 1997 Rob acquired the pool table manufacturing business now trading as Quedos Billiard Tables in Perth. He has developed that Company into a position where it is the leading manufacturer of premium pool and snooker tables in Australia.
  • Rob designs the pool tables, sources the timber used in their production, and is “hands on” in their manufacture.

Dedicated to Quality and Perfection

Quedos is a small business that focuses on quality. The factory and showroom share approximately 1200 square meters where every bit of space is dedicated to finely crafted billiards tables and accessories. Rob relies on the expertise of five talented and experienced individuals to produce the tables, and he works as diligently as his staff.

On weekends it is typical for Rob to travel about Western Australia, seeking out the most exceptional materials for his tables. He personally chooses the timber for the tables to be sure the customers receive only the very best. Using as much locally sourced and responsibly sourced materials are important to Rob.

He will not cut corners on the quality of materials used in his tables, and he works with those who sustainably manage Western Australia’s native forests to ensure these trees will flourish for generations.

Quedos Billiard Tables features over 30 standard designs of pool and snooker tables for you to see. However, Rob and his team also enjoy the process of custom designing and creating one of a kind tables, which are works of art unto themselves.

For our customers in the Perth area, Rob will deliver, install, and level the table, so it is ready for you to enjoy right away. Rob employs the most careful and experienced professionals to deliver and install tables purchased from our Sydney and Melbourne locations.

Operating Australia’s most awarded pool table manufacturing company is more than a job to Rob, he is passionate about creating billiard tables. Quedos is not interested in competing with inferior imported billiard tables, but Rob prefers to focus on creating magnificent tables that live up to the product’s lifetime guarantee.

When it comes to pool and snooker tables, no one in Western Australia knows more than Rob Vudrag.