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Snooker requires a delicate touch, skill, technique and style. Some describe it as an artistic endeavour as much as a sporting challenge; an aesthetic experience in light, kinetics and geometry.

The snooker tables handcrafted by Quedos provide the perfect setting. Our aim is to shape a superb piece of furniture embodying all that is best in raw materials, traditional skills and elegant design. Certainly the special character of a snooker table owes much to its raw materials selected for their strength and durability, as well as natural characteristics.

The reflection of skills and practice by which natural timber, the very best Italian slate, high performance moulded cushion rubber and pure English wool cloth are fashioned into an elegant and noble piece of furniture. The craftsmen at Quedos select only the finest materials to produce a table of quality and distinction.

Our snooker tables can also be supplied in the following models:

The Rustic | The Australian | The Wave | The Dreaming
or we can craft a table to your particular specifications.

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    The Ultimate Snooker Playing Experience

    In typical Snooker fashion, most Quedos Snooker tables stand on eight legs, long in body with small visible pockets.

    Quedos Snooker Tables are designed to provide an ultimate playing experience while complimenting the residence. Customers aren’t limited to the traditional green cloth which has typically been known. We offer up to 24 cloth colours and up to many timbers and finishes. Popular timbers include Marri, Blackbutt, Blackwood and Jarrah.

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