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Protecting our Native Forests

WA is Home to some of the Worlds Finest Hardwoods

Fusion Pool Table from QuedosThe natural forests of Western Australia are endowed with some of the world’s finest hardwoods. Our Jarrah and Marri trees are very popular and highly desired for their decorative colour markings and lush finishes that make them valuable for handcrafted furniture and pool tables. Both timbers are the major hardwood species in Western Australia and are available throughout the South West region of Western Australia. Other locally distinctive hardwoods such as Sheoak, and Blackbutt also make exquisite, handcrafted tables, but are limited in availability. The superb Quedos tables that are created with love from our native hardwoods are one of our country’s most valuable economic assets.

For over 40 years Quedos has proudly crafted the most beautiful pool and snooker tables in Australia. Our ability to design and craft these highly sought after tables is based on our use of the most incredible and durable timbers found only in Western Australia.

Milled and recycled hard woods.Our dedication to our natural resources goes beyond creating unique, one-of-a-kind tables, by our use of timbers that have fallen and were left to the elements. These internationally renowned hardwoods are strong, durable, beautiful, and only collected from our native forests governed by the Western Australian Government. This system makes sure that our trees are preserved and enjoyed by future generations.

Our respect for our Western Australian natural resources is clear by our use of magnificent pieces of recycled hardwoods that once graced mansions, jetties, or building furniture and fixtures. Our custom designed tables are created for leisure and to enhance the elegance of their surroundings. With the limited availability of our majestic hardwoods, it is understandable that our Quedos tables have become sought after for personal enjoyment and for their value as future family heirlooms.

Every Quedos handcrafted pool and snooker table is designed and created with our outstanding professional workmanship and incredible attention to detail. Our finished tables capture each hardwood’s rich deep texture and eternal beauty. Characteristics of the timber, such as pinholes, gum veins, and birdseye are created by nature and give each Quedos table its uniqueness. No two tables are identical, even when created from the same forest area and are of the same age. The natural features in each table will shine through in a variety of colours, density, and markings.

Every table in the magnificent Quedos Designer Collection is crafted from fallen or recycled massive old trees, each being over 100 years old. Our Quedos craftsmen respect the age of each timber and use their outstanding skills and attention to details to cut, turn, and hone the components for our impeccably finished tables. There is no way to duplicate or imitate the texture or rich patina of genuine aged hardwoods. At Quedos we believe natural resources are very precious and should never be wasted. It is this respect for our natural resources that allow us to take the old timber and craft a truly unique table that will grace your leisure room for decades to come.

An image of the fusion table on a white backgroundBy using and recycling our natural hardwood resources, Quedos is able to help protect our environment from possible chemical hazards used by foreign manufacturers who are not required to adhere to our Western Australia code of forest sustainability. Quedos also supports the local economy by employing highly talented, local craftsmen. If a client ever has a question, concern, or problem with any of our unique pool or snooker tables, they can reach out and contact us for an answer, recommendation, or resolution. Quedos management and employees proudly live and work in our local community.

Three outstanding West Australian hardwoods come from the Jarrah, Marri, and Blackbutt trees. Quedos understands and values each hardwood for its special uniqueness.

West Australian Jarrah

An image of a West Australian Jarrah TreeThe Jarrah tree is a heavy hardwood member of the Eucalyptus species. Its botanical name is Eucalyptus Marginata Jarrah, but it is also referred to as Swan River Mahogany. The Jarrah tree ranges in height from 30 to 50 metres and can have a diameter of 2 metres. These trees are only found in the 650 to 1250 mm rainfall zone in the South West region of Western Australia. The lustrous hues of the Western Australian landscape are reflected in the beautiful dark reds and browns of the heartwood of mature trees. Regrowth from a young seeding is pinkish red and the sapwood is pale yellow. Jarrah trees have a unique root system that makes them extremely resilient in harsh conditions. The timber texture is relatively coarse and evenly grained. Some trees feature an interlocked, wavy grain that produces an interesting fiddle back appearance that is appealing material for architectural and design creations. The quality within the timber of the Jarrah makes it desirable for high-end furniture and pool tables.

Below is an article on Jarrah in an edition of The Timber & Forestry publication.
It contains some very interesting facts on the timber that is used in most of the Quedos tables:

West Australian Marri

West Australian Marri hard wood treeThe Marri tree is a member of the Eucalyptus species and is also referred to as Red Gum while its botanical name is Corymbia Calophylla Marri. While it can be found widespread throughout the South West region of Western Australia, it is mostly scattered throughout the Jarrah and Karri forests. The red gum reference is due to the extensive occurrence of gum veins throughout the timber. It is a distinctive bloodwood tree that is native to Western Australia. The Marri tree ranges in height from 30 to 40 metres and has a flaky grey bark. The heartwood of mature Marri trees varies from pale yellow and light brown to a lustrous reddish brown. Marri comes in unique forms from having a clear grain with less gum features to a rich deep shade of golden brown with lots of gum features. The sapwood is paler in colour and tends to be whiter in appearance. The timber texture is moderately coarse yet even textured and it has a charming, slightly interlocked, fiddle back grain. The popularity of Marri trees has seen a growth in recent years due to it being such an equisite timber for high end, handcrafted furniture and pool tables.

West Australian Blackbutt

An image of west Australian Black ButtThe Blackbutt tree is a member of the Eucalyptus species and it is also called a Swan River Blackbutt or a Yarri. The name Blackbutt derived from the tree’s appearance after a bush-fire left the butt of the tree significantly darkened. It is widespread from the northern region of Perth to the south coast of Albany and grows in the same native environment as the Jarrah tree. Its botanical name is Eucalyptus Patens Blackbutt. The Blackbutt is a tall tree with an average height of 45 metres and can have a diameter of 1.8 metres at breast level. It is a strong, durable hardwood with a large straight trunk. The heartwood of the Blackbutt is more even in colour than the Jarrah or the Marri trees. The plantation variety of the Blackbutt is even grained and light yellow in colour. In contrast, the natural regrowth variety of the Blackbutt has a full range of colours that run from golden yellow or an occasionally slight pinkish shade to an alluring pale brown. The sapwood of a Blackbutt is much paler in colour. The texture of the timber is even and it has a rather straight grain which makes it desirable for interior designs. This tree is ideal for handcrafted, high-quality furniture and pool tables.

“Mix and Match” Beautiful Australian Timbers

QUEDOS makes every pool table to your specifications. Not only can you select the finish, cloth colour and style of pocket bracket – you can have your table made in a combination of timbers.

One customer selected The Contemporary crafted in Marri with a distinctive solid Jarrah trim around the cushions – a table incorporating two of Western Australia’s most popular timbers.
If you want a very different piece of furniture you can select a unique timber such as the rare Beefwood from the Western Australian Goldfields for the cushions and another timber for the base and legs. Have a look at the two tables featuring Beefwood cushions with Tasmanian Blackwood (The Nova) and Blackbutt (The Contemporary).

Beefwood is a medium to dark reddish brown timber with lighter reddish grey rays giving it a visual similarity to raw beef – hence the name.

For more information about West Australian Hardwoods, please visit West Australian Hardwoods page or call (08) 9354 4235 to discover more about our handcrafted tables!