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The Entertainer 2-in-1 pool table.

The Different Types of 2-in-1 Pool Tables

Rare is the individual who would like to have a pool table inside their home. They can enjoy it as a great form of home entertainment or a great conversation piece with friends and relatives.

The Entertainer 2-in-1 pool table.With limited space available for entertainment equipment in the house, homeowners often have to resort to thinking outside the box. It’s either that or passing on having nice things in the home like a pool table or ping pong table.

Admittedly, being able to have a pool table in the home is often viewed as a luxury. The reality is the “luxury” reference has a lot more to do with the luxury of having space for the pool table as opposed to the actual cost of a pool table. The truth is a full-size pool table will eat up a lot of space in any room.

What should pool enthusiasts do if they have space limitations but would like to have access to a pool table in their home?

There is a great and practical way for pool enthusiasts to buy a pool table and get extra value at the same time from doing so. The purchase of a 2-in-1 pool table might well be the perfect solution to this issue. Not only does the buyer get their dream pool table, but they can also get that extra value in the form of another table option like a dining table or other game tabletops.


What is a 2-in-1 Pool Table?

A 2-in-1 pool table can best be described as follows: It’s a pool table first but offers other uses through the addition of other components like a tabletop or ancillary equipment.

While regulation size 2-in-1 pool tables are readily available, they tend to be expensive and don’t offer much in the way of space relief. That’s where a quality 2-in-1 pool table becomes the best alternative. For the most part, the dimensions of a 2-in-1 pool table tend to run about 72″ to 84″ in length, 30″ to 32″ in height, and 46″ in width. That’s a bit smaller than regulation pool tables that usually have the same dimensions related to height and width but come in lengths of 96″ to 108″.

That covers the pool table component of a 2-in-1 pool table. The other component could include any of the following options:

  • Tabletop for a dining table
  • Tabletop for other games like table tennis (ping pong) or table soccer/hockey
  • Flip over the device for an air hockey game or poker table options

If you would prefer to play snooker or billiards, 2-in-1 snooker and billiard table options are also available with similar if not the same second components.

The Entertainer 2-in-1 pool table.


Criteria for Choosing the Right 2-in-1 Pool Table

While the desired gaming options will certainly matter, several other factors will play a role in helping you decide which 2-in-1 pool table option is right for you. Some of those factors include:

  • Table materials – this would include the wood frame materials, felt cloth of the pool table, and the quality of the gaming pieces if included
  • Size – You’ll want to focus on tables that will comfortably fit in your allotted space (be sure to allow extra clearance for full-size pool cues)
  • Price – 2-in-1 pool tables come in a wide range of prices that are determined by the table materials, size, and secondary table components. Note: Pool tables are generally considered a luxury item, which translates to a bit of financial investment on your part. Don’t forget to factor in shipping and handling where applicable
  • Storability – If you should want the ability to easily move and store your 2-in-1 pool table, that’s a specific feature you would want to consider
  • Type of 2-in-1 table (see below for more information)


The Different Types of 2-in-1 Pool Tables

The last factor you would want to consider is the actual type of 2-in-1 pool table you want. This decision will be driven by the type of the second component you want and perhaps some decorating considerations. The three main types of 2-in-1 pool tables that are available include:

  • Convertible Table – Comes with the pool table as the base table option with a foldable tabletop that can be placed on top of the pool table to create a different kind of gaming table (ping pong, table soccer/hockey) or dining table
  • Flip Top Table – two-sided table with the pool table on one side and the second component (air hockey, poker table, dining table, etc.) on the other side. Table flipping options include automatic with a switch/remote and manual
  • Hybrid – Offers both convertible secondary tabletops (ping pong, dining table) and the flip-top option for additional gaming options (poker, air hockey, etc.)

Table Tennis Top pool table.


Our 2-in-1 Pool Table Options at Quedos

At Quedos, we offer a comprehensive selection of 2-in-1 pool tables and gaming accessories. Our product line starts with finely handcrafted pool tables that are easily converted into other dining or gaming options. We do offer custom 2-in-1 pool table options.

Our list of convertible tabletop options includes:

  • A nice selection of dining tabletop options that can be customized to match your pool table and or home’s decor
  • Gaming tabletop options for table games like hockey, table tennis (ping pong), and soccer
  • Snooker Table options
  • Billiard Table options

To ensure you can immediately start enjoying your new Quedos handcrafted 2-in-1 pool table, we also offer a nice selection of Billiard/Snooker/Pool accessories, including:

  • Pool and snooker balls
  • Pool and snooker cues (brand: Desert)
  • Cue racks and scoreboards

The Entertainer 2-in-1 pool table.

For more information about our available 2-in-1 pool/snooker/billiard table option, please contact us at your earliest convenience.