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The Precision pool table.

The Versatile Precision is the Most Popular Pool Table Made by Quedos

It is no wonder that The Precision is the most popular pool table manufactured by Quedos Billiard Tables.

The model is very modern and very minimalistic. A steel frame eliminates the “bulky” base of a traditional pool table with the 8ft. model requiring only 4 legs compared to 6 for a standard pool table. The concealed lycra pockets on The Precision replace the exposed nylon or cotton white nets on most pool tables.

These features make The Precision ideal for use as a dining table. In this regard, Quedos can make a dining top to match the table making it a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

The table can be finished in paint of your choice, including a selection of metallic enamels. If you prefer timber, we can supply The Precision with solid Jarrah cushions and pine legs, stained to match the Jarrah, or the table can be made in Pine and stained to your particular requirements.

To make the table very special, Quedos can craft your Precision entirely or in part from a solid timber of your choice. Also, touches of stainless steel can be added to the table to give it an even more contemporary look.


Customisation Tips

The Precision pool table is completely customisable, from your material preference (stainless steel vs solid timber – or a mix of both) to the paint finish. When you have Quedos to manufacture your pool table, you can be sure that the result is not only stunning but also durable. That’s because we only use high-quality materials in combination with skilled craftsmanship.

The Precision gives you control of how you would like this special pool table to be constructed. But sometimes, the wide variety of options can be overwhelming for the buyer. We’ll simplify it for you. Here is a quick overview of the material choices for the Precision so you can pick the best one for you:

  • Jarrah is incredibly durable with high impact resistance. It’s dense and strong and about 15% heavier than Oak. This timber is native to Western Australia and is a good representation of the state’s landscape. Jarrah timber offers deep red to brown hues.
  • Marri is another option and also a Western Australian native. It’s often called red gum because of the sticky, reddish protrusions on the trunk. Marri timber gives character to The Precision pool table, creating coloured veins and flaws that make it even more attractive.
  • The Precision can also be built using Blackbutt timber. The Western Australian variant is called “Yarri”. It is lighter in appearance compared to the Blackbutt timber that comes from trees growing naturally in Queensland and New South Wales. WA Blackbutt has a pale yellowish-brown heartwood with medium to coarse texture. The species is challenging to work with, but Blackbutt becomes easily workable once polished and finished.

To understand more about timber selection, please read this post on the Quedos blog.

Other aspects that are customisable for The Precision are:

  • Solid timber cushions or rails are considered the best when it comes to performance. Veneers and compressed wood or MDF do not come close to our pool table rails.
  • Rails can be of your preferred width. Note that wider cushions give you more room for your shots.
  • Our 100% wool English cloth is available in various colours, such as black, red, royal blue, charcoal, grey, green, burgundy, and purple. If your preferred colour is not on our list, we are confident that we can match it.

For the best pool-playing experience, check out the list of must-have accessories for every pool player here.

Here are details of various finishes you can have for your Quedos Precision:


Painted Finishes

The Precision can be made in an unlimited range of painted finishes, including a selection of two-pack metallic enamels – similar to the finish on your car.

Metallic paint is a catch-all label for automotive finishes containing metal flakes. The only difference between a metallic paint and a non-metallic or solid paint is that a small amount of powdered metal is added and mixed with the paint. It is also useful for hiding minor damages as it hides imperfection better than non-metallic paint.

The following is a sample of some of the colours available in metallic enamel.

Metallic Enamel Samples

Examples of Painted Models:


“Midnight” Metallic Enamel

Precision 7ft. Midnight with timber dining top
Precision 7ft. Midnight with timber dining top
Precision 8ft. Midnight Piara Waters


“Blast Grey” Metallic Enamel

Precision 7ft. Blast Grey
Precision 7ft. Blast Grey
Precision 7ft. Blast Grey


White Gloss

Precision 7ft. White Gloss
Precision 7ft. White Gloss


Black Gloss

Precision Black Gloss
Precision Black Gloss



Your Precision can be made entirely from a solid timber such as Western Australian Marri, Jarrah, Blackbutt or American Oak.


American Oak

Precision 7ft. American Oak
Precision 7ft. American Oak
Precision 7ft. Como



Precision 8ft. Herron
Precision 8ft. Herron
Precision 8ft. Marri
Precision Marri



Precision in Jarrah


Combination of Paint and Timber

The Precision can be made with solid timber cushions (rails) with the base and legs painted to your specifications.

The following are some of the tables Quedos has made with the timber-paint combination:

  • 8ft Model With Marri Cushions and Black Base and Legs (Scarborough WA)
Precision 8ft. Marri Black Base
Precision 8ft. Marri Black Base
  • 8ft. Model With Blackbutt Cushions and Base and Midnight Enamel Legs (Secret Harbour WA)
Precision 8ft. Blackbutt Midnight Secret Harbour
Precision 8ft. Blackbutt Midnight Secret Harbour
  • Marri Cushions With Black Base and Legs (With Caster) and Timber Dining Top
Precision City Beach
Precision City Beach

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when selecting your Precision from Quedos.