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An Amalgamation of The Very Best

The Fusion pool table received a High Commendation in the category of ‘Excellence in Furniture using Australian Native Timber’ at the 2012 Western Australian Furniture of the Year Awards.

Other Timber Selections Subject to Availability

The Fusion presents the finest features from the most awarded pool tables in Australia; utilising the unique elliptical shaped top of The Aurora, with the superbly designed spherically inspired base of The Eclipse. These elements combined create a table of sublime craftsmanship and contemporary design. Available in 24 different coloured cloths, and 7 different timbers and finishes.

Available in 7’x3’6″, 8’x4′ and 9’x4’6″

A Combination of the Best

When Quedos set out to combine the best qualities of two of their most incredible designs, the result was the superb craftsmanship of The Fusion. Together, the unique elliptical-shaped top of The Aurora and the spherically-inspired base of The Eclipse come together to produce the highest form of art a billiards table can reach.

Functionality Meets Artful Design

The incredibly complicated, interlocking design of The Fusion requires the most skilled expertise that the craftsmen at Quedos have to offer. This outstanding billiards table, however, appears as one seamless whole without any indication of cuts or fastenings. Each angle, curve, and edge falls precisely with an artful asymmetry that draws the eyes up, down, and over. Even when you are not playing a game on The Fusion, pure kinetic energy flows through its aerodynamic shapes.

The Fusion is more than a luxury billiards table – it is a bold assertion of style. Incorporating it into a games room or business lounge equals an instant elevation of the entire interior. Guests who see your Fusion will frequently observe the sweeping arcs and smooth lines of this functional piece of furniture and mistake it for an art piece. Quedos is confident that the pleasure you receive from The Fusion will go beyond delight for the great game of billiards. The special pride that comes from owning an outstanding work of art is a natural feeling associated with The Fusion.

You can customise The Fusion in three different sizes: 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft. Additionally, there are endless possibilities for the timber and finish for your unique version of The Fusion. It is possible to choose between Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri and Blackwood. Along with these native Australian timbers, Quedos works with clients to select their preferred timber. Sleek, modern Black Gloss or White Gloss Enamel finishes are also available upon request. 

All variants of our Fusion billiards table bear the inherent style of its owner. For example, an impressive, 100% black gloss Fusion table sits in a stunning residence in Mt. Martha, Victoria. The smooth, dark curves of this custom table coordinated with the luxurious, sumptuous vibe of the games room it presently occupies.

Quedos Quality Guaranteed – Every Time

When you order a customised Fusion billiards table, you are guaranteed a luxurious end product that will amaze your family, friends, and co-workers. Quedos manufactures each table directly on the premises, using labour-intensive techniques that require skills built up over many years. Our expert craftsmen pride themselves on producing billiards tables of the highest quality in all of Australia. 

Quedos is confident in the condition and performance of the products we deliver. A Lifetime Warranty is attached to each pool table that we deliver. We promise customer satisfaction but recognise that issues with the materials or structure of your pool table will negatively affect your enjoyment of it. However, the Lifetime Warranty granted by Quedos Billiard Tables does not cover problems associated with improper care or maintenance of your table. See our helpful tips to learn how to help keep your billiard table looking and performing like brand-new.

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    You will get a lifetime of pleasure from your Quedos table. We guarantee it. Your Quedos table comes standard with an unprecedented lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any defects in material or craftsmanship (excluding normal wear and tear), as long as you are the original purchaser, and the installation and service are performed by an authorised representative or factory approved agent.

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