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Stylish Simplicity

The NOVA epitomises the sleek elegance of the minimalist style allowing the natural beauty of native timber to speak for itself.

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Crafted entirely from solid timber, THE NOVA is contemporary design, minimalistic in style. This classy table features a superb finish with concealed pockets and comes with optional stainless steel or chrome trim. THE NOVA was a finalist in the category of “Excellence in Furniture using Australian Native Timber” at the 2013 Western Australian Furniture of the Year Awards and was awarded the Woods Solutions Timber Medallion at the 2016 Australian Furnishing Industry Awards.

Available in 7’x3’6”, 8’x4′, 9’x4’6″, 10’x5′ and 12’x6′

Select Cloth Colour. Please Note: Actual Colours May Vary From Chart.

Windsor Red
Ranger Green
Royal Navy
Royal Blue
French Navy
Powder Blue
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Sleek & Simple Award Winning Design

With The NOVA, the designers at Quedos crafted a billiards table with a sleek, simple design. The straight lines of this incredibly minimalist table serve to highlight the inherent beauty of its timber construction. Recommended for a wide variety of settings, The NOVA will add unadorned sophistication to any interior by nature of its seamless timber structure. The superb finish of the timber speaks for itself without additional embellishments or gimmicks.

Gorgeous timber combined with a minimalist form equals one of the most captivating billiards tables that Quedos has ever crafted. Every minute detail in the tone and texture of the wood used for a NOVA table is directly visible. The skilled professionals at Quedos use all of their knowledge and expertise to work with the solid timber to bring out more of its natural beauty.

Award-Winning Excellence

Quedos is especially pleased to share this award-winning billiards table with the world. This design, in particular, has been recognised for its exquisite use of the finest native timber in Australia. At the 2013 Western Australian Furniture of the Year Awards, The NOVA was a finalist in the category of “Excellence in Furniture Using Australian Native Timber.” Additionally, The NOVA was the inaugural winner of the Wood Solutions Timber Medallion at the 2016 Australian Furnishing Industry Awards. 

Create The Billiards Table For Your Lifestyle

Many of the native timbers used to craft THE NOVA are sourced directly from Western Australia. Quedos offers a wide assortment of timber options, including Marri, Blackbutt, Blackwood, Jarrah and Cambia Ash. Our skilled technicians are furthermore willing to work with you to select from additional timber options, including both light and dark varieties. 

Quedos prides itself in catering to the preferences of every one of our valued customers. Stainless steel or chrome trim is one option to add a metallic contrast to the solid wood base. Or you can select the colour of 100% wool English cloth to match the style of your home and your table. Other options for customisation might be possible while working with our skilled technicians at the beginning of the process.

The NOVA adds natural charm to a modern design with uncommon flair. One look at the simple, neat lines and you can envision this pool table in the classiest homes and boardrooms. Available in 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, and 12ft variations, there is a version of The NOVA that will match your space and needs flawlessly. Each table size features the characteristic concealed pockets and slim, contemporary form of the classic NOVA design. 

Quedos preserves the highest standards of quality for every iteration of the billiards tables produced on our premises. Each table, crafted with special attention by a skilled professional, arrives at its final destination ready for you to play. Quedos also provides helpful tips for the care and maintenance of your new pool table upon installation. Quedos hopes that you will enjoy the beautiful construction and flawless gameplay of The NOVA for many years. Its contemporary timber design is a chic, timeless choice and a great investment for the future.

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