The Southern Cross


The Table of Masters

The Southern Cross is a superb piece of handcrafted furniture worthy of the grandest home. The legs are skilfully turned from solid one-piece blocks of hundred-year-old jarrah – matured on the forest floor. The tones and textures of this ancient timber are without peer.

This magnificent table offers the perfect playing surface with precision cut slate, high performance moulded cushion rubber and the finest quality English pure wool cloth. The Southern Cross is available with optional concealed drawers to conveniently store your accessories.

Available in 7’x3’6″, 8’x4′, 9’x4’6″, 10’x5′ and 12’x6′

Timbers and Finishes Available

Other Timber Selections Subject to Availability

Select Cloth Colour. Please Note: Actual Colours May Vary From Chart.

Windsor Red
Ranger Green
Royal Navy
Royal Blue
French Navy
Powder Blue
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A Traditional Table for a Traditional Setting

A traditional billiards table for fans of the traditional style, The Southern Cross was intended to grace the finest homes all over Australia. Its elaborate design and classic features exemplify the highest standard of Australian craftsmanship that Quedos has to offer. Available in an extensive range of naturally-matured native Australian timber, The Southern Cross is truly an Australian billiards table at its core.

All of the classic curves and edges indicative of a traditional billiards table are present in The Southern Cross. Impressive, hand-crafted timber legs highlight the beautiful textures and tones of Western Australia’s finest selection of wood. You may pick between 7 beautiful styles, including Blackbutt, Marri, Jarrah, Cambia Ash, Blackwood, Black Gloss Enamel, and White Gloss Enamel. All of our timber comes directly from sustainable sources to protect the integrity of our beloved Australian ecosystems. 

Timeless, intricate details in the form of The Southern Cross are capable of transporting you to an earlier point in history. The old traditional style of craftsmanship shines in every line of this billiard table. Its seamless design is without a challenger in all of Australia.

Customise Your Billiards Table For Your Needs

Quedos offers variations of The Southern Cross in 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, and 12ft sizes. This classic pool table can, therefore, be customised to fit a broad array of interior spaces. A variety of 100% wool English cloth colours are available to complement the timber of the table. Despite the traditional style of this model, Quedos hopes to match the specific tastes of our clients in any way that we are able. We welcome questions throughout the process so that the end product matches your expectations. 

Concealed drawers, an optional innovation of The Southern Cross, may be added to the underside of the table. These drawers provide handy storage space for all of the accessories used to play any cue sport. Quality accessories with the guaranteed Quedos quality are included with this beautiful. Past customers love the added convenience and creativity of this hidden storage space.

Australian-Made: An Australian Tradition

Quedos Billiard Tables workers are hardworking, skilled individuals who produce tables exhibiting superb craftsmanship. Their production of The Southern Cross is a celebration of the tradition of billiards in Australia and a representation of their pride in creating Australian-made billiards tables with a distinctive, Australian flair

For that reason, The Southern Cross makes an excellent option for a grand house with a timeless interior or an old, historic pub’s games room. Commissioning a Quedos-made billiards table is a conscious choice to work with a company that cares for the time-honoured traditions of billiards and billiards table construction.

Quedos delivers anywhere in Australia and provides instructions for maintaining the appearance and performance of your Southern Cross. We offer a comprehensive list of helpful tips to kickstart the proper care and maintenance of your billiards table. Ensure your ability to enjoy many games by following those guidelines.

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