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The Ultimate Pool Table & Dining Table

A pool table that works as a dining table with just a touch of a button is every entertainer’s dream. And that’s where the idea for the Entertainer came from. Not everyone has a spacious living area or a dedicated playroom. If you have limited space to work with, it does not mean you cannot own a pool table. Chances are, your dining table takes up so much room.

Why not ditch it and go for this brilliant Quedos pool table masterpiece that doubles as a dining table?

The Entertainer is exactly that – an elegant pool table available in two sizes (7’ x 3’6” and 8’ x 4’) and a sophisticated dining table in one.

The Entertainer with remote control.


More Than Just a Pool Table

The ability to transform your pool table into a dining table (and vice versa) allows you to maximise the entertainment space you have. The Entertainer can be your partner in entertaining guests during birthday parties, special occasions, or even regular days.

Start your evening with your dinner guests dining at a solid, stylish, and well-built dining table. The exquisite Quedos table gives you plenty of timber and finishes to select from, including Marri, Blackbutt, and Jarrah, as well as black or white gloss enamel. The Entertainer has an impressive size so that you can accommodate several chairs. It’s sturdy and durable, too, and can handle the extra weight from the food, utensils, and other items on the table.

Following dinner, it’s time to amaze your guests. Grab the remote control and click on the button to transform the classy dining table into an exciting pool table in just a few seconds. The quick dining table to food table conversion will surely amaze your guests as you reveal a professionally crafted pool table.

The Entertainer helps you transition from one activity to another without any lifting. Just watch the table transform right in front of your eyes. It’s a seamless shift that only pool tables from Quedos can deliver.

Entertainer used as dining table.


Ready to Play Anytime

Who says that you cannot have a pool table in a restricted space? The Entertainer is Quedos’ unique solution to your small-space woes. It assures perfect levelling with maximum stability, so you never have to worry about balance issues, which is a common complaint with other pool table manufacturers. Steadiness is guaranteed, thanks to the strong and sturdy legs, whether you are using the Quedos table for dining or sport.

The Entertainer is made from premium materials and excellent, dedicated workmanship. It’s not your ordinary pool/dining table combo. Unlike others where lifting of parts is required, this pool table eliminates any manual work on your part. There’s also compact storage under the table where you can keep your game essentials.

The Entertainer, without a doubt, is ahead of it’s time. It’s a fun piece of furniture leading a double life, designed to satisfy your need for performance and function.

The Entertainer used as pool table.