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Convincing your partner to do something

How to Persuade Your Partner Into Getting a Pool Table

Time to Pop the Big Question

Convincing your partner to do somethingSo, you have taken your time, carefully budgeted, and done thorough research, the big question is:

“how will you convince your partner that you need a pool table in your home?”

While it is true that no one knows your partner as well as you, convincing them of your need for a pool table may require a few tried-and-true methods of creative persuading.

This paired with your understanding of what makes your partner tick.

In this post, we outline techniques and facts that will help you get the answer you want.

What Does Your Partner Respond to Best?

Different methods of conversation work well on different types of people. Try and think about the last time you won your partner to your side of a disagreement. What tipped the scale for you? 

  • Intellectual Deposition of the Facts
  • Flirty conversation filled with compliments and unspoken promises
  • An emotional appeal to their desire to please you
  • Forceful declaration of how the situation would play out
  • A plan showing how this decision would benefit everyone

Chances are you may have used a combination of several of these tactics. There is certainly no one right way to win over your partner. However, take the old saying ‘you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’ into consideration when choosing your approach.

American oak on display in the workshop

Is There a Preferred Method?

Although winning your partner over to your side is personal, many people tend to respond to two of these strategies more than the others. The most effective ways to convince your partner that you should get a pool table are to present some intellectual fact-based specifics that demonstrate the reasons a billiards table is worth having and explaining the many enjoyable benefits of owning a billiards table.

What Are Some Facts That Show Owning a Pool Table Is a Smart Idea?

Although many people look at a billiards table as a great source of fun, studies show that playing pool is helpful in several ways:

  • Billiards enhances your ability to interact with your environment by activating different centres of your brain. While enjoying a game, the competitive nature inside you awakens, as does your ability to devise a strategy, maintain social connectedness, concentrate, and feel pleasure.

While playing, you are taking part in all of these activities at the same time. Playing billiards expands your ability to process a series of complex thoughts and actions simultaneously.

  • Pool tables can help parents keep an eye on their children and children’s friends. Having a ready-made place to hang out and shoot pool is a big draw for your kids and their friends.

Before you know it, you will become ‘the’ house where the kids want to spend free time. This helps you to feel safe because your children and their friends are secure and in a safe environment while having fun.

  • Owning a pool table can help you break the ice with guests you may not know much about; people tend to relax and feel less self-conscious while conversing during a game.
  • A quality billiards table is a long-term investment that brings enjoyment to your friends and family members for many years to come.

Billiards has a number of health benefits including: 

  1. Increases Hand-eye Coordination
  2. Slows the ageing Process by increasing physical. mental and social activity.
  3. Helps maintain flexibility and balance because of movement needed to play the game.
  4. Pool and Billiards is a fantastic form of exercise. In fact, an average game involves about one and a half kilometres around a table.
  5. Helps build focus enabling avid players to keep their wits about them in a crisis situation.

What Are a Few Benefits of Owning a Pool Table?

If your partner is more inclined to respond to examples of benefitsfrom a less factual and more enjoyable point of view, here are some reasons you will benefit from purchasing a pool table:

No matter the circumstances, people of all ages tend to gather around a pool table. Whether as spectators or participants, most people will agree the game is enjoyable and includes all skill levels, ages, and abilities.

  • A billiards table lends an air of luxury to a home. If you are interested in making a memorable impression on your guests, you cannot go wrong with a gleaming pool table as the centrepiece of your recreation area or other space in your home.
  • Many pool tables are useful for other activities besides a game of billiards. Models that easily convert from a pool table to a dining table are surprisingly affordable and are perfect if your home does not have the space for both a pool table and a dining room table.

The Entertainer pool table; ready to be sent to a customer

In addition to transforming your billiards table into a dining room table, pool tables also can convert to regulation-sized table tennis tables. This is an ideal way to double the fun and recreation that is a part of the pool table experience.

When you share all of the ways a pool table will enrich your home, your partner may decide a pool table ownership is something you cannot afford to miss.