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Quedos is Melbourne’s and Australia’s most Awarded Pool and Billiards table supplier and have been for decades.  We are in very high demand across Victoria and regularly supply our premium products to all corners of the state.

All of our tables are custom made to order in our Perth factory where we employ and train local talent local talent.   Each hand built table is perfected from both a design and build point of view in order to become the centre talking point of your residence.

How does Quedos ensure Sustainability of Local Timbers?

Quedos goes to extraordinary lengths to not only secure the finest materials for each table but does so with sustainable harvesting in mind.  We regularly recycle premium hard wood from fallen 100+ plus year old trees and work tirelessly to exhibit the natural beauty encapsulated within these materials.  For more on our process and the native timbers we regularly source please look at this blog article written by us.

Fusion city beach

How does Quedos Transport their Tables and What are the Costs Involved?

  • For many years we been using a number of reputable companies to transport its tables from its Perth factory to Melbourne (and indeed to all parts of Australia and the world).
  • The components of the table and accessories are carefully packed in blankets and other protective materials by our staff to prevent damage in transit.
  • To do the job properly, Quedos has over 150 commercial blankets on hand at any one time to ensure all items are fully protected.
  • The components are then loaded safely and securely into the truck/container by staff from both Quedos and the transport company.
  • Generally it takes 3 – 4 days for the pool table to arrive at the transport company’s Melbourne depot.
  • As soon as the table arrives in Melbourne, our very experienced Melbourne technician will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for installation in your residence.
  • 7ft. and 8ft. pool tables have a one piece slate and are very easy to install.
  • 9ft and 10ft. models come with three pieces of slate, and as a consequence, must be assembled on site by trained technicians. In this regard, Quedos factory staff are available to fly from Perth (at cost) to set up the larger size tables to ensure the installation is carried out perfectly.

Maintenance and Service:

  • Our Melbourne technician is available to carry out any repairs to the table and replace the cloth, when required.
  • For more on how you can maintain your table please view this blog post.

Return Policy:

  • Quedos is committed to delivering a product that exceeds expectations and lasts a lifetime. If for any reason you are unhappy with the final product we will either rectify the problem or take it back on the time of delivery at no additional cost (conditions apply).
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Clients, Feedback, and Referrals:

Don’t just take our word for it.  Read below some of our customer feedback from customers in the Melbourne and outer areas across Victoria.  We are proud of the amount of regular referrals we receive from these people and believe its a true merit of the service and quality product we provide.

Hi Jim, Rob have installed my pool table and we absolutely loved it. Thank you. Kind Regards
Five Star

Batia Vun, Melbourne VIC

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Australian pool factory workers

Care Tips for your Quedos Table

To get the most satisfaction from every game played on a Quedos snooker, billiard, or pool table, you need to ensure that this exquisite piece of furniture receives the proper amount of maintenance as all of your prized possessions. Here are some of the most important tips:

  • To keep the proper level and stability of the table, never, repeat never, move the table yourself. Even a slight move and create an uneven playing surface. Always have a professional relocate your table.
  • Schedule routine maintenance for the rails, cushions, pockets, slate top, and table covering. Playing on worn equipment will take the fun out of the game.
  • Always cover the top of the table when it is not being used. This helps to prevent any accidental scratches, to reduce exposure to harsh sunlight, and to keep humidity from getting into the table cushions.
  • Do not place any liquids on the railings as they may spill onto the surface area and leave wet ring marks on the wood. Unless it is a special wood cleaning solution, liquids are not wood friendly.

To learn more about how to care for your pool table view this article.

Most Popular Tables Sold in Melbourne

Quedos Billiard Tables is Australia’s leading name in custom built billiard tables – a well respected name synonymous with quality, service and style. Quedos craftsmen are devoted to achieving perfection with original designs in Australian and exotic timbers, handcrafted with the highest attention to every detail.

The Aurora South Perth

The Aurora

The most Awarded Pool Table in Australia. Ever

The Aurora was judged the best piece of furniture in 2010 by the Furniture Industry Association of Australia. This magnificent table features oval shaped cushions and is crafted entirely from native Australian timber, accentuated with precision stainless steel trim (optional).

Timbers and Finishes Available

Legacy ball return

The Legacy Ball Return

The Legacy Superbly Crafted

This table incorporates the unique, almost silent, ball return system exclusive to Quedos. “The Jarrah version of The Legacy was named the winner of the Western Australian award for Excellence in the Occasional/Lifestyle Furniture category and was a finalist in the 2013 Australian Furniture of The Year Awards”.

Fusion city beach

The Fusion

An Amalgamation of The Very Best

“The Fusion received a High Commendation in the category of “Excellence in Furniture using Australian Native Timber” at the 2012 Western Australian Furniture of the Year Awards”.

Timbers and Finishes Available

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Our Awards

Quedos awards

The FIAA in 2010 for Excellence in Furniture Using Australian Native Timber for The Aurora.

Quedos awards

FIAA (Western Australian branch) in 2010 for The Aurora. The table was awarded “ The Best of The Best” in Western Australia.

Quedos awards

FIAA (Western Australian branch) in 2003 for The Wave. The table was awarded for “ Excellence in Furniture Using Western Australian Native Timber.

Quedos awards

FIAA (Western Australian branch) in 2003 for The Wave Table was awarded “ The Best of The Best” – the ultimate accolade in the State.

Quedos awards

The West Australian Furniture of The Year Awards sponsored by the FIAA (Western Australian branch) at the time we won the awards.

Quedos awards

The West Australian Furniture of The Year Awards sponsored by the FIAA (Western Australian branch) at the time we won the awards.

Quedos awards

The West Australian Furniture of The Year Awards sponsored by the FIAA (Western Australian branch) at the time we won the awards.

Quedos awards

The perpetual trophy when The Aurora was named “The Best of The Best” in Australia by the FIAA at the Australian Furniture of The Year Awards in 2010.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is easily Australia’s highest quality and versatile pool table.  Thanks to the flawless design and craftsmanship; when it’s not being used as a pool table it can also be a fully functional dining table within seconds.  Adjustable height with the use of a remote control makes the transition in functionality seem seamless.

This table allows people with limited space to now own a high-quality pool table in their home to entertain their guests.

The Quedos Warranty

Quedos WarrantyYour Quedos billiard, pool or snooker table comes standard with an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the slate and timber components of the table.

We will repair or replace any defects in material or craftsmanship of the slate and timber components of your Quedos table (excluding normal wear and tear), as long as you are the original purchaser and the installation and service are performed by an authorised representative or factory approved agent.

Experience the renowned Quedos quality today.

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