The Contempo


A Bold and Sleek Design

The Contempo brings a sporty edge to the Quedos billiards table catalogue. The sleek elements of this billiards table are rounded with an emphasis placed on flowing lines and modern sensibilities.

Minimalist Aesthetics

The Contempo comes with modern square tapered legs and is available in a wide selection of enamel and metallic finishes. Customise these elements for an easy fit with the rest of a minimalist décor or a more busy interior.

Select Cloth Colour. Please Note: Actual Colours May Vary From Chart.

Windsor Red
Ranger Green
Royal Navy
Royal Blue
French Navy
Powder Blue
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Paint For Your Preference

Every iteration of the Contempo is available in a wide range of solid paint colours, with the limits being your imagination. The bold lines and sleek image of this pool table can be painted a classy black to fit in an elegant home den or a fiery red to make a statement in a trendy home game room.

Modern With Traditional Origins

Quedos designed the Contempo with both the traditional and modern in mind. We hoped to marry the two styles of pool table into one seamless design without sacrificing our high standards. This table features traditional elements like netted corner pockets and a bold, solid base. However, contemporary details, such as the stylised legs, add that modern flair the Quedos craftsmen sought. The stainless steel rims around the base also elevate the design of this basic billiards table.

Fun For The Family

The Contempo, while maintaining a high degree of performance ability, is a favourite family pool table. It features classic elements that make the game of pool fun for the entire family and is well-made to last through many years of wear and tear. Choosing to invest in the Contempo is also a choice to invest time in sharing the love of billiards with your whole family – from youngest to oldest.

Extend the Life of Your Contempo Table

All the Lifestyle collection tables from Quedos are crafted by hand by expert craftsman. To maintain the beautiful appearance of the Contempo in your home or elsewhere, remember to follow our recommended care instructions. For example, do not attempt to move the Contempo by yourself. Sliding the table may break key components, such as the slate joint or legs. Such damage does not fall under the Lifetime Warranty offered by Quedos Billiard Tables. We recommend sharing these tips with the whole family to ensure proper care from everyone in your household.

Available in 7’x3’6″ and 8’x4′

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