The Standard – Jarrah


Exceptional Value, Ideal for Family Fun and Entertainment

A very practical traditional table created with the budget conscious in mind. It features solid Jarrah cushions, veneer base and solid pine legs stained to match the natural Jarrah.

The solid Jarrah cushions minimise rebound vibration and produces exceptional ball response for exciting, fast play. This model is also available in Pine and finished in your selection of stain.
This table also features:

  • Precision cut slate
  • 100% wool English cloth in a selection of over 20 colours
  • Leather-trimmed silk pockets

Available in 7’x3’6” and 8’x4’

Select Cloth Colour. Please Note: Actual Colours May Vary From Chart.

Windsor Red
Ranger Green
Royal Navy
Royal Blue
French Navy
Powder Blue
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The Ultimate All-Rounder 

An excellent table for a beginner, The Standard Jarrah features all of the essential trademarks of a well-crafted billiards table. It is never too late to start up a hobby of billiards with your friends, family, or co-workers. The Standard Jarrah allows anyone to enjoy the game of pool on a high-class billiards table with a basic, yet beautiful design.

You can add more finesse to the game of pool with The Standard Jarrah. This practical billiards table, built with solid Jarrah cushions, reduces rebound vibration during use. This feature generates an exceptional ball response for exciting, fast play every time. 

Excellent Family Entertainment

The Standard Jarrah is a cost-wise choice for anyone looking for a game to get the whole family involved. An attractive, budget-friendly billiards table, The Standard Jarrah maintains the same high standards as all tables produced at Quedos. 

Classic elements in The Standard Jarrah help minimise the cost while maintaining the highest calibre of quality in craftsmanship, materials, and design. Each table comes ready for play with classic silk pockets outfitted with leather trim. All of the timber that goes into Quedos billiards tables originate from Western Australia. Native Jarrah timber is the most common option for this model, but Pine is also available. Along with your preferred wood, you may select your favourite stain for finishing.

7ft and 8ft options are available with The Standard Jarrah, both of which are great sizes for home interiors, games rooms, or a sports bar. Overall, The Standard Jarrah is one of the most practical billiards tables that Quedos has to offer. Every part is expertly-designed with standard, traditional features to be the ideal table for anyone on a budget. 

For no extra cost, Quedos offers a selection of over 20 colours to choose from for the 100% wool English cloth used on The Standard Jarrah. Customers may also pick between the traditional curved legs or more modern, square-tapered legs. Both of these customisation options are a complimentary service to our loyal customers. 

In the past, Quedos Billiard Tables has held the honour of supplying a pool table to help fulfil a wish for Make-A-Wish Australia. Our contribution to Make-A-Wish was possible because of the support of our skilled craftsmen and customers. We genuinely hope that the fast play and timeless design of The Standard Jarrah will be enjoyed by many.

Quality Service, Anywhere in Australia

A special benefit of commissioning a pool table by Quedos is our generous delivery service to your home or company anywhere in Australia. We like to ascertain your satisfaction immediately so that we might improve any aspects of your table or our process. We deliver anywhere in Australia to guarantee that your billiards table will arrive in top form. A trained professional will be on hand to correctly install and make ready your table for playing that same day.

All of our billiards tables go through painstaking construction on the Quedos Billiard Tables premises. Our skilled craftsmen take into consideration every detail so that your Standard Jarrah table will meet your expectations. Quedos Billiard Tables does not request a deposit during the time of your table’s production. Instead, we positively anticipate the pleasure you will feel when you see the final product on the day of delivery.

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    You will get a lifetime of pleasure from your Quedos table. We guarantee it. Your Quedos table comes standard with an unprecedented lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any defects in material or craftsmanship (excluding normal wear and tear), as long as you are the original purchaser, and the installation and service are performed by an authorised representative or factory approved agent.

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