The Aurora Snooker


Aurora 12ft American Oak

The Aurora Snooker is a magnificent table features oval shaped cushions and is crafted entirely from Native American Oak timber, accentuated with precision timber trim and stainless available as an option..

Available in 7’x3’6″, 8’x4′ and 9’x4’6″

Timbers and Finishes Available

Windsor Red
Ranger Green
Royal Navy
Royal Blue
French Navy
Powder Blue
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The Aurora doubles as more than an excellent snooker table, but as a statement piece for any room in your home. It will add a wow factor that will enhance and complement even the most luxurious games rooms. Each stunning detail of this innovative table serves to make the Aurora more than a snooker table. The clean, sweeping lines of this model make it just as much a piece of art as the paintings on your walls.

Featuring oval-shaped cushions, this table from Quedos’ Designer collection is crafted solely from native Australian timber. Available timbers and finishes to choose from include Marri, Blackbutt, Blackwood, Jarrah, Cambia Ash, Black Gloss Enamel, or White Gloss Enamel. Precision stainless steel trim serves as an optional accentuation point to offset the natural beauty of the real timber. Other timbers can be substituted as well, such as American Oak or Walnut.Quedos is proud to acknowledge several prestigious awards received for the stunning design of the Aurora at the 2010 Australian Furniture Industry Awards:

  • “Best Of The Best” (Australia)
  • “Best Of The Best” (WA)
  • Excellence in Native Timber Furniture (Australia)
  • Excellence in Native Timber Furniture (WA)
The expert craftsmen at Quedos spend many labour-intensive hours creating the bold lines of the Aurora billiards table. Each table is crafted new with the proper specifications provided by our customers. We maintain a high degree of confidence and pride in our tables, which allows us to offer a lifetime warranty. If at any time a problem appears due to an error in the construction or materials, Quedos will take full responsibility. However, this warranty will not cover improper care and maintenance of your pool table.

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    You will get a lifetime of pleasure from your Quedos table. We guarantee it. Your Quedos table comes standard with an unprecedented lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any defects in material or craftsmanship (excluding normal wear and tear), as long as you are the original purchaser, and the installation and service are performed by an authorised representative or factory approved agent.

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