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Quedos Collects Another Award

Quedos awardsQuedos is proud to be one of the inaugural winners of the Timber Medallion for The Nova, a pool table beautifully crafted entirely from Western Australian Marri.

The WoodSolutions timber medallion awards were an exciting new feature or the 2016 Australian Furniture Industry Awards at Furnitex 2016 in Brisbane in July.

The Australian Furniture Association joined with WoodSolutions to introduce the awards, aimed at increasing the awareness of timber in furniture and furnishing manufacturing and design.

The award uses 11 criteria, including innovation or originality in design, aesthetics, functionality, and the use of certified wood.

WoodSolutions is an independent source of generic information about the benefits and use of wood and wood products and is funded by Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA). It aims to become the primary of information about wood and wood products for people and organisations working in the furniture design and manufacturing industries.

Read more on the Forest Products Commission website.

QUEDOS Billiard Tables Awarded WoodSolutions Timber Medallion for The Nova                   

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