Billiards is one of the ultimate challenges to hand and eye. We apply the same philosophy to the crafting of our tables.

Just like taking the perfect shot, the first step is to look.

In the creation of our tables we source only the finest Australian hardwoods and exotic timbers. Selected for the depth of colour, grain and perfection, each length of timber is handpicked for its excellence.

From 100 year old Jarrah to native Australian Marri, most are forest fallen, donated by nature rather than felled by man. The timber is then handcrafted into magnificent pieces of furniture that will complement the grandest of homes.

We are in constant pursuit of the perfect game and the perfect surface. To create a smooth roll and clean soft bounce we use the finest cloth and slate available.

Quedos slate is precision cut to create an even, flawless roll. First rate cloth from the United Kingdom covers the playing surface with a soft, uniform finish.

Making the right choice is very important. And yet, it is only the first step. From the selection of these beautiful raw materials, the vision must be brought to life.

We are meticulous and our craftsmen are inspired. They love the materials they work with and derive great joy from turning them into billiard tables of rare and unequal beauty.

Every angle and join is carefully considered. The timber is sanded and sanded again. Then polished. Then sanded and polished again until satisfaction is met.

At Quedos, we boast a team of designers and craftsmen devoted to achieving perfection.

From the initial design and sourcing of materials, to the roll and bounce of your very first shot, attention to detail is unwavering.

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