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Started by Nature, Finished by Hand

What a Typical Weekend looks like for Quedos

fresh cuts of marri timberWhile most people were at home enjoying a relaxing weekend, Rob from QUEDOS visited a number of small timber mills in southwestern Western Australia on Saturday and returned with some magnificent Marri timber – to be crafted into pool tables in the premium QUEDOS Designer Collection.

Fresh cuts of wood

Rob thoroughly enjoys his trips to source sustainable, well-seasoned timber in the beautiful forests in the south of Western Australia and it gives him great satisfaction in selecting each piece of this amazing timber to ensure the components of each table originate from the same tree.

Processing of the timber began immediately on Monday morning in the QUEDOS factory and it won’t be long before the timber becomes the most striking feature of the finished product.

Did you know that over a third of all tables made by QUEDOS end up in homes in the Eastern States as more and more Australians become aware of the magnificent timbers found in Western Australia and the unsurpassable quality of design and workmanship that Quedos has to offer.

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