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Contactless Pool Table at a pub.

The Contactless Pool Guide for Pubs and Commercial Businesses

We are in an era where innovation is key to achieving longevity and success in the world of business. There are plenty of competitors popping up almost every day, not to mention our ongoing battle with COVID-19.

With the existing safety protocols that everyone should abide by, running a pub may seem like a bad investment. But your customers are looking for ways to entertain them.

And those who love playing pool are surely searching for something exciting to look forward to. Perhaps you are interested in offering a unique pool table just like this Volkswagen Pool Table, which was originally a Volkswagen Hippie Bus. It’s not for sale and is only a one-off item, but it showcases just how you can turn one thing (a Volkswagen in this case) into a pool table.

But if you do not have an unused vehicle and you admit you’re not as creative as you wish to be, there are still plenty of options. Here’s an idea! Introducing contactless pool – an innovative solution towards going cashless. It’s the perfect system in the age of social distancing.

What exactly is a contactless pool? If you have a pub, should you turn to this technology? How will you benefit from it? We’ll go into detail about all these things and more in this blog post.


What is Contactless Pool?

We’ve all been there. You go to the bar with your mates and want to play, but your pocket is empty. You know there is no reason to panic because we are at a time when almost all establishments accept credit and debit cards. This is exactly what contactless pool is about. There is no need to count cash or be concerned about jammed coins. You do not have to run to the cashier or operator and queue for change. Contactless pool is the future – it’s quick, easy, hassle-free, and cashless!


A contactless pool table available at a pub in the UK.


Should You Offer Contactless Pool to Your Patrons?

Contactless pool is a great facilitator for players who do not want to carry change or cash with them. You can adopt this technology into your pub. When implemented correctly, there are some benefits you can gain, such as:

  • Ease of Use for the Consumers: They will experience faster transactions, and you do not have to worry about them complaining about the long queues.
  • Safer Option: Believe it or not, tap to pay is more secure and reliable compared to cash payments.
    Flexibility: Anyone can use it, whether they have an Android phone or iPhone. Any NFC-enabled device can take advantage of the scheme.
  • Efficiency: Because it is quicker, contactless payments provide better operational efficiency. There is also less workforce required, reducing the time you spend counting cash or using card machines.
  • Happy Customers: Studies show that customers prefer contactless payment facilities compared to cash. They are smoother and less of a hassle, which in turn earns the customers’ loyalty.


How Does Contactless Pool Work?

Contactless pool typically involves the use of a contactless payment reader. Depending on the availability, preference, and budget for the technology, the payment reader is often outfitted with a 3G-enabled device. Some sophisticated systems support 4G data networks, along with other technologies, such as WIFI and Bluetooth.

The system eliminates the requirement of the customers’ cash or coins in the venue. You will see that most have a colour touchscreen that displays information about table use, which may even be customisable for campaigns or marketing messages.

The cash-free payment solution accepts a variety of channels, including debit and credit cards. It generally works similar to point-of-sale machines at physical stores. However, the user does not usually require assistance from the operator. It’s pretty much self-service. The customer will use their debit or credit card at a tap. In some places, the contactless device accepts payments made through mobile phones where a payment app is supported, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

The operator or business owner can choose a compatible system that meets their requirements and budget for the pub. The solution is easily installed and can even be used with other amusement machines in the establishment. If you have other machines, such as slots, you can find an electronic coin mechanism that fits well into the pool table and other equipment. Bear in mind, however, that all gaming machines like poker machines are banned in Western Australia, although there may be a few exceptions.

Customers will have to use debit or credit cards for payment.


Where You Can Find Contactless Pool

Pool players can now enjoy playing their favourite table sport without paying with cash. It’s still fairly new in Australia, with just a handful of pubs slowly utilising the said system. But in other parts of the world, such as the UK and US, there are quite a number of establishments that have transitioned to the contactless payment scheme:

  • The Billesley: This pub is located in Kings Heath, which is south of Birmingham, UK. Players can play a round of pool for £1 (AU$1.80). The price may not be so affordable for most people, but innovation can indeed be a little expensive. It is fancy and great for players with no change.
  • Golden Lion: This pub in Bexleyheath was actually one of the first few to install and implement a contactless pool. The system has been put in motion since December 2019. The pool tables function like usual but also have a cashless solution for anyone without a spare change.
  • Lord Reresby: Located in Rotherham, a contactless pool has been installed since early 2020, which they dubbed as the pool game for serious players.

Pubs in the UK now have contactless pool tables available.


How to Use Contactless Pool

Contactless pool can either be pre-fitted or fitted on site. If you already have a pool table, the system will be installed by a technician, allowing you to see the process yourself. On the other hand, a pre-fitted contactless solution is usually offered when you order a pool table with the pre-installed device.

Contactless operations require top-quality tables that can withstand the high demand from players. They should be connected to mains power to support contactless payments. If your existing pool table does not allow mains power support, it is possible to use battery power instead.

Another requirement is an electronic coin ball drawer. Some pool tables already come with a mechanical ball drawer, but they may have to be upgraded to an electronic version to accommodate the contactless payment method. More importantly, it’s essential to ensure that the establishment and operations meet the country’s legal requirements and respective state laws.

For those in Western Australia, the Office of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor oversees and enacts many functions of the Gaming Commission. The agency handles the provision of licencing to businesses, as well as auditing and inspections for casinos and other gaming service providers.

Customers using EFTPOS services may have to deal with a minimum transaction value, which businesses are allowed to set in the country. It makes it easier to operate the electronic payment system for pub operators because they can predetermine a lower amount for their contactless pool service.

There is a huge concern over EFTPOS systems, which is with regards to information collection. It’s a sensitive topic for many consumers, especially those who value their privacy the most.

EFTPOS systems do collect personal information like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Business address
  • Mobile phone number or fixed line
  • Email address
  • Card details

Some of the players may not be aware of how information is collected, so you may want to put a warning in case they start complaining about it. EFTPOS systems protect the personal data of the card owner. However, there are times when information may be disclosed. For more information, please check the EFTPOS website’s privacy policy here.

It can get a little bit complicated, especially if you are new to pool tables. That is why you need to look for a pool table maker with the knowledge, experience, and resolute will to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. And we’re glad that you have found us! Quedos is known as an innovator and never one to shy away from new things in the pool table and its technology.

As proof, Quedos has created The Entertainer pool table. It’s the ultimate pool table that doubles as a dining table. With just a switch of a button on the remote control, you can quickly adjust the height of the table to suit your needs, mainly when eating. Its dining top is divided into four sections, which you can store under the table.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer

Order a Quedos table that meets your requirements for your contactless solution. We manufacture bespoke pool tables for home and business use. When it comes to innovative pool tables, you can trust that Quedos will surely deliver.

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