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Why has the Colour Orange Become so Popular?

The most popular colour in the world is blue. The second favourite colours are red and green, followed by orange. But orange is the “current fad” when it comes to branding and advertising products. It has become a trendy color in the sports world with more teams incorporating orange in their color schemes, either as the base or as contrast.
Orange is one of the most visible colors and probably the one most likely to catch your eye; remember that they make life jackets and hunting and hi-vis vests out of bright orange.
Green has been the traditional cloth colour for pool tables followed by a range of blues. Certainly, pool halls stick with green because the more serious pool players insist upon it.
However, modern home owners are now treating the purchase of their pool table as a piece of furniture. The standard pool table with green cloth and the traditional turned legs simply does not fit into contemporary décor. As a consequence, cloth colours such as black, charcoal, red and grey are being selected.
EVEN orange cloth has come into vogue. Have a look at this 8ft. Precision pool table, crafted from Western Australian Marri, recently installed by QUEDOS in a residence situated along the estuary in Herron in Western Australia. The customer requested that QUEDOS select Marri timber with a lot of “feature”.

The table certainly makes a STATEMENT.